Sport Series

Laser II

Quick lift and acceleration for your bass or deep-V boat.

Bravo Two® – Stainless

Excellent mid- to top-level performance. Stainless-steel durability.


A favorite of freshwater fishermen. A powerful fit for your deep-V boat.

Mirage® Plus

Great acceleration, unmatched drive. Highly recommended by offshore boat companies.

Trophy® Sport

Quick holeshot and precise handling when you’re going for the gold.

Black Max®

Top choice of boat builders. Worldwide best seller.

Bravo Two®-Aluminium

Maximum thrust, for maximum performance.


Stainless steel with powerful drive and consistent performance.

Elite Series

Bravo I®

A perfect fit for high-speed V-8-powered engines with high-performance hulls.

Bravo Three®

Innovative duo for amazing acceleration, fuel economy, and handling.

Bravo Three® Diesel

Powerful performance for heavier diesel-powered boats.

Tempest® Plus

Enhanced performance and acceleration for bass and tournament boats.

Trophy® Plus

Four-blade design for great lift, high drive heights, and easy handling throughout.


Aggressively advanced for faster acceleration and turning.

SpitFire® X7

The impossible just became reality. The new SpitFire X7 is the first propeller for 75-115hp outboard-powered boats manufactured with Mercury Marine's proprietary X7 Alloy.

Bravo Four S®

Purpose built pairs for ultimate watersports performance.

Comp Series


Great acceleration and top speed for high-horsepower engines.


Boosts speed on outboards that run 200hp and higher. Zoom past the competition.

Revolution 4®

Aggressive four-blade design for aggressive big-boat performance.

Enertia® ECO

Boost fuel economy without penalizing holeshot for top-end speed.


Purpose built for the 600hp V12 Outboard


Ultimate five-blade performance to enhance big blocks and Mercury Racing® engines.

Fury® 4

The new Fury 4 propeller is the fastest offering from Mercury Propellers for the angler running heavily weighted tournament load boats.