Additional Stock of Mercury FourStroke Outboard Engines Now Available

01 May 23

It’s time for boaters in Central Coast, NSW to make waves with the hottest boat engine brand in the industry as we here at Insinc Marine add new stock of additional Mercury FourStroke Outboard models for sale!

The new boat engine stock gives every boat owner the chance to choose a wide range of various outboards to suit whatever size, shape, or type of boat they have. The new engines in stock at our store are 40 HP ELPT Mercury FourStroke, 50 HP ELHPT Mercury FourStroke Tiller Steer, 75 HP ELPT Mercury FourStroke, 90 HP ELPT C/T Mercury FourStroke Command Thrust, and 115 HP ELPT Pro XS CT Mercury FourStroke.

Included in this special offer are pre-delivery services, including outboards fitted with an alloy propeller, and analogue gauges for 75 HP ELPT and 115HP ELPT Pro XS CT.

Check out our full Mercury FourStroke Outboards listing

 All these models are part of the Mercury Fourstroke series that promises to deliver incredible performance in power, speed, performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability with innovative features at low cost in operation and ownership.

Speaking of ownership, Mercury owners will have the opportunity to enjoy the 3+3 Bonus warranty which will give them 6 years of full non-declining warranty coverage. The perks of this warranty coverage are it doesn’t decline based on the age of the engine or the hours of use and it is fully transferrable to the new owner when the engine is sold.

How does the 3+3 Bonus warranty work?

Mercury Outboard comes with a standard 3-year factory warranty but if you stick to the recommended maintenance schedule set by Mercury and the maintenance is performed by an authorized Mercury dealer with only genuine Mercury parts and lubes used, you will be eligible for up to 3 years of bonus warranty.*

*The 3-year bonus warranty only applies for pleasure use. Commercial use of engine is not qualified in this warranty promo.

For more details about the warranty and maintenance schedule, or if you want to request a quote from any of these outboards, don’t hesitate to contact us here